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Roaccutane 40Mg feeling very disoriented

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Hey guys!

thanks for taking the time to read my post I have had to resort to taking Isotretinoin after exhausting all other paths. I visited a Derm 3 weeks ago and have been prescribed Roaccutane for persistent moderate acne. She started me off on 40Mg a day for the first month and I’ll be increasing to 70MG for 3 months before finishing. My side effects so far are very small I have flaking skin my lips are maybe 1 out of 10 dry not bad at all and my oil reduction is fairly decent however I do not feel dry and  eyes feel quite dry if I’m tired !  However my mental health doesn’t seem right after  1 week I started to notice I felt slightly dazed at points throughout the day however I felt pretty normal for the most part. It’s now 2 weeks since I started and over the weekend I had pretty bad mood swings I felt normal for a few hours then really down and almost like crying... (I am a 21 year old Male) this is very unusual for me. anyway, I felt very strange today it’s like I’m dreaming  feel very spaced out and it’s making me anxious I have been reading the side effects and stories online about brain damage and it’s scaring me as my concentration and just general emotion feels very off...

i currently take a test booster (because isotretinoin lowers test and my skin will still clear even if I’m on this) and St John’s wort for a low mood I have used this for months.

my fear is its only been 2 weeks I still have another 3.5 months  go and my dosage wil he nearly doubled next month. 

FYI I have 0 sexual side effects  just feel very strange mentally and I’m also not enjoying the usual activities and struggling to find motivation.

any advice would be greatly appreciated I do not want to stop the drug as it is working already but I don’t want to risk my mental health long term :(

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I understand in a way what you mean by brain fog. I wouldn't say it's a side effect I have but I do release if I'm at work it's harder to focus or my mind wanders more.  This could also be because of dry eyes and having to stare at a computer screen all day. It was worse in the first few weeks but it seems to have went back to normal now.

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