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Has anyone tried dermarolling at home?

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Just wondering if anyone has had success with dermarolling at home. I'm thinking of purchasing a dermaroller from OwnDoc or BanishAcneScars and do it every 6 weeks.


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I did it for about a year, it definitely softened the edges, by no means are they gone, however most of my scars from back then are now rolling scars, but there were also areas on my face with very delicate skin from accutane, and it literally caused little semi permanent holes just like if you were to roll over a tomato skin. They did eventually close up, i think it took about a year. If youve taken accutane i would be cautious and try a small section of your skin to ensure you respond well to 'damaging your skin'. I have seen some nice results from dermarolling, its just a suuper slow process, and you have to stay committed which can be difficult when results arent visible for 6-12 months. 

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I did it for 8 months with a 1 month break after the 6th treatment. It was tough to do them because it was a little painful without any numbing cream and a little messy/bloody because after micro needling I would pour a peptide and copper peptide solution on my face. It didn't help with icepick scars, but it definitely improved my boxcar and rolling scars. I bought some single use dermastamps from OwnDoc, but then found the same ones but much cheaper on ebay. I used 1.5mm and sometimes 2.0 mm on certain areas with deeper scars. I read that anything less than 1.5 mm probably won't help. I loved how my face looked afterwards all swollen and rosy and that would last for at least a week and made my face look so perfect. Too bad the swelling goes down and you're left with scars, but I definitely started to see improvements after 3 months. I wish I could've continued, but I started breaking out (hormonal acne?) and am now forced to go on spironolactone. Hopefully when my acne goes away in a few months I will be able to continue with my treatments. 

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@DamagedSkin The owndoc products are better, ... derminator and manual dermastamps. Pain can be mitigated with numbing cream prior to treatment. Derminator provides less pain as it's very fast. Dermarolling is old and makes microtears, stamping is better. Also it's a very slow process. It teams well with peels (alternating) ... one working on the upper epidermis / dermis and the other breaking up the scar fibrosis. RF microneedling is more effective as a clinical treatment and uses energy. But it's more $$$$, and cannot be done at home, also microneedling is a good upkeep procedure for those without scars. Microneedling provides channels of new collagen as the skin heals. It works for some and not for others. Depends how you heal. Oh yes the ebay products do not have a warranty as they are copies from China, nor do they have quality checking. I remember I bought one that was a dupe one time and the needle came out in my skin.
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