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Retin A for light cystic (hormonal) acne??

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Hello all! I am new to the community but I have a few questions.. I have pretty light cystic acne that is hormonal caused by my IUD. I am 18 years old and have light skin. I have some scars but not a ton. Overall, my skin is pretty good but I get new cyst break outs about every 2 weeks and frequently have to get shots in them. 

I currently use AktiPak and have been on it for a few months. It has reduced my cyst breakouts to about 3 large cysts a month. 

Recently my dermatologist gave me Retin A claiming it would kill the underlying bacteria causing the cysts. 

I am very scared about starting Retin A! There is no good time to start it because something always seems to be coming up!

I am just wondering if the side effects (peeling/redness/flakes/breakouts) will be was severe since my skin isn’t bad to begin with? Does it really work?! I’m afraid it will make my skin bad and never better again... 

I would love clear skin by June 18th! (it is currently april 2nd)... any thoughts/advice? 

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A fern prescribed this for me but I️ honestly didn’t keep up with it. It dried my skin out like crazy and it cause lots of new acne to form:(

*derm prescribed it 

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Hello! I was given retin a as treatment as well- it has been working for me! It does however make my skin super dry and red, so I spot treat usually on nights where I have nowhere to be that next day. If it’s a particularly large cyst that is there or starting to heal, don’t be surprised if it takes a week for the medicine to really dry it out well! I have used it on one particularly nasty healing cyst, and it helped a ton, but when it gets TOO dry ill stop and put a honey dressing on the area I help keep it clean and moisturize it. CVS has some good Manuka honey dressings. Hope his helps! 

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