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Hi! I just want to know if my skin is irritated or not. I just need to know what is going on with my skin.

Currently, I am going through some blood test to find out what is going on with my hormones (i've had my period for 3 weeks and have never had a regulated period). I have an IUD in right now (copper) so i don't have any hormones regulated. Other than that I've always struggled with acne. ALWAYS. I cannot read my skin anymore. There was one day a couple years ago my whole face flared up with cystic acne and it has never been the same since.

my question:
I am trying a new product which is renee rouleau anti-cyst treatment which has lactic acid (known for purging) my face is covered with closed comedones and cystic acne. After using it for a couple of days the closed comedones has turned in pustular acne and some of my cystic acne has a pustular top. Does that mean my skin is currently purging due to the product? 

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Hi, yes that sounds very likely, because the acid takes off the top layer of skin, causing the deeper acne to come to a head faster. This should speed up its life cycle and healing process.

I notice you posted a while ago; how did it go in the end?

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