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Removal of moles help me

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sorry i know that this isnt the place to ask about moles and its place to ask about acne or scars but i dont where on internet to ask this so i asked here

i have these moles on my cheel i want them to be removed but without scarring..i read on internet that Scalpel Sclupting or Ellman radiofrequency can remove them without scars...have anybody done that..or know about that any help would be appericiated..please guys..thanxxxx20180324_104610.thumb.jpg.badc45247be3f25d4261a73c9d81a4ab.jpg

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Moles can be treated many ways: laser, electro surgery as you mentioned, or plasma beauty pen. All these methods there is a scar but the trick is to match it to the skin color.  IT would do no harm as you already have a dark spot/mole on your face . 

The mole is shaved down.

Goto someone familiar treating those with your skin type as you can hyperpigment. You will need to use hydroquinone and retin a at night 3 weeks prior to surgery and after it heals. They might need to use a vascular laser as well. for the discoloration 
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@Anish004 a mole is different "skin" tissues than the surrounding areas, moles already have different texture than the surrounding skin, they are a deep growth of tissue. Please look up what a mole is. In a way it's already scar tissue. So I don't know what your asking here. They can minimize it and soften it but it's no going away your body has built that tissue there. Pigmentation is fine, great, then go get treatment otherwise keep it.

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