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Psychology efect of scars - looking for self-help books

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Anyone knows any books which describes how to psychologically manage low self esteem caused by scars etc? Probably book relates to any skin condition, as acne, would be helpful since I guess mechanism is similar, however of course acne is little different than scars since there is more hope there that it stops eventually, but it is also more disgusting.
I hope I'll get rid of scars eventually but since life is passing I do not want to wait not know how long to reach this point.
Moreover, lets be honest, even if I would look like a top model now, after so many years of acne I would still feel like crap. Well, with normal people interactions I feel relatively ok now, since I know I do not need good look for this (however subconsiously probably it have some impact + a dozen of years of acne changed the psychic to more insecure one).
The worst problem is with man-woman interactions, since I had bad experiences with girls, mostly in acne times (which is most of my life, so...).

Thank you.

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I don't think Dr. Feelgood has ever written a self-help book solely dedicated to facial scars. But who know? It could come any day now. But in the meantime, you might wanna check out these links:

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