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Taking spironolactone and dim plus

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I took dim for 2 weeks before I started taking spironolactone, my skin was clear but I thought it was too early to say whether dim was working or not. So I went to the appointment I made to ask to be put on spiro. Now I take both and it's been about 9 weeks since I started this treatment. I take 2 caps of dim and I'm on 25 mg spironolactone. My skin's been almost completely clear, only had one or two tiny pimples which is a miracle for me. I was surprised spiro worked bcs most women say they noticed improvement only after increasing dosage to 50-100 mg. I've always been skinny right now I'm 114 lbs 5'4. So maybe dosage you need just depends on your weight.. Anyway I used to get really bad pms breakouts, at least 2 huuge cystic pimples a week before my period. Now I dont get them at alll. I am also strictly following the acne.org regimen (drugstore products). Benzoyl peroxide has cleared up all of my blackheads and helps with whiteheads but it never did anything for cystic acne for me. So I know dim and spiro are what cleared my cystic acne. But I was wondering if it's safe to be taking both? Anyone have experience with this?

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