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The Sun is Good For You (& your acne).

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Most of you will discard this as a crazy naive post. I’m hoping some intellect’s on this website will understand this and realize that Western mass media is BRAINWASHING us. The sun, horrible for you and you should only get about half an hour a day with sunscreen of course and you won’t age prematurely or get skin cancer. That’s the official story and it’s complete BS. Why do you think the highest rates of Skin Cancer are in States/Countries that barely have any sun? (Canada, London Etc.) It’s literally the opposite! You don’t get skin cancer from the Sun. You get it because you are Not Healthy. Eating junk food processed garbage is what’s killing us. If you eat junk and Then Go Out In The Sun, that’s when you’re in trouble. The sun brings everything to the surface (like how a plant blossoms). You’re bringing that Junk food you put in your body out to your skin leading to ACNE and MELANOMA, MOLES, etc. But if you eat healthy the Opposite happens your brining clean life to your skin! Why do you think people in Africa don’t get skin Cancer? They don’t have chemical infused foods there and they’re in the sun 24/7 with barely any Moles and NEVER any Acne. But hey, I’m just a crazy person just like all of the holistic scientists getting killed off by Big Pharma for exploiting this big game of sell you this so you prevent that in the most synthetic way possible because there’s no other option. Keep slathering that chemical sunscreen on you that prevents the Vitamin D from forming in your body. Have you ever seen a homeless man before? Sure they look old and wrinkly (because all they eat is nothing & junk food!) but they have no acne I’ve never ran into a homeless person with acne, they have moles (again from eating junk food). But never acne because the sun zaps that shiz away. BUT you have to eat healthy so there’s no adverse consequences because the junk food will work synergistically with the sun and elevate your issues, but if you eat healthy then the sun works with that and gives you the most clear complexion ever. It’s exaclty why Big Pharma uses this against us and says the sun is bad all together. Saying it’s good but can be bad will just make them lose a substantial amount of money. Comment your thoughts or experiences. You can also research this yourself. The chemicals in sunscreen have been found in Breast Milk of women who use it and your feeding your babies that and the cycle of chemicals being put into the next generation begins. If you gave a plant soda instead of water it would wilt and die off but if you gave it water it will blossom. Think of water as healthy foods and soda as junk in the human body. Were not aliens who need our advanced technology to live on this planet earth we’re one with nature and everyone’s forgetting it and falling for mass media. 

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