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Redness in face and back due to scalp bacteria???

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Hi everyone,
My name is Alberto, I am 43. Since Nov. 2017 I have been suffering from redness in my face and back (When I mean red, is RED..), sometimes with pimples and always very dry. The situation typically get worsened by showers, exercise (sweat).. sometimes direct exposure to the sun. 
See my picture of the back.. I am not showing my face but it was the same !!!!

Before New Year's eve I decided to pay a first visit to a dermatologist (First time ever), and she said:

- It seems to be dryness of the skin. Use Cetaphyl lotion mornings and nights and if after 2 weeks nothing happens, let me know.

After 2 weeks, nothing happened. Same situation. Called back the Dr. and after careful review of face and back, she said:

- It seems to be a reaction from the soap/shampoo you use. Stop using any soaps or shampoo for 2 weeks, just shower with warm water for 5 minutes and then apply Cetaphyl. Also stop using dryer sheets (I was using them) as they could be strong for people with delicate skin. 

After 2 weeks, nothing happened and I decided to change Dr. and followed a recommendation of a colleague at work, that suffers from light Rosacea.

The new Dr. said that most probably, and after all the trial and error from the previous Dr. my problem was related to bacteria coming from my scalp (Folliculitis), landing in my face and back while showering. He also said that my face was getting a lot of bacteria from my pillow (coming from my scalp).

I had serious doubts about this theory, but he proved me wrong. He prescribed Metronidazol for the face, to be used morning and afternoon, after washing my face WITH SOAP !! (my first surprise). And also recommended a shampoo/body wash with antibacterial properties to prevent my scalp bacteria to land in my face and back.  I truly believe this was the real change in my case. He recommended a product called CLN Body Wash.. is super hard to find (no pharmacies, supermarkets, etc) and is a little expensive but I can tell you, is great (So far)

If any of you in this forum is experiencing similar symptoms give this product a try, I buy them on their own  brand amazon store (best price so far). Hopefully the links work: Body Wash, Shampoo, Face cleaner

BE AWARE: Dr. Lee told me that they will try to sell you the 3 of them (very expensive), however you can use the Body Wash for your scalp also so you save that money. I am doing it and works !

Is anyone here using Metronidazole? CLN? any feedback? I am new to this and want to make sure none of these products are bad in the long term.

Appreciated the reading and feedback


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