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I am a 30 year old and suffering from severe-moderate cystic acne from last 10 years. It is so embarrassing and heartbreaking to have acne at this age. I have tried EVERYTHING, if I said everything, I meant EVERYTHING. I tried all home remedies, antibiotics, OCM, Accutane, Spirolactane, Acne.org, proactive, Peter roth, Clinique 3 step solution and many other solutions available in market, BP, salycylic, Glycolic, clindamycin, Azalaic acid, Nicotinamide and other topical treatment. I have tried natural options too, homemade cleaner, No washing, ACV, clay masks, Oils such as Castor oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil, hempseed oil, argon oil, grapeseed oil, tea tree oil, lavender, manuka oil, and many more. The only thing which worked was Accutane (in end of 2011)and I was clear for about 1.5 years and started to getting acne in 2013.

Now I am on Vitamin B5 regimen (3 g of Vit B5, l-carnitine 250mg, Multivitamin), starting on 25th Feb 18. I know people suggest for mega dosing but my skin is already dry-combination and my body is already severely dry (and Keratosis pilaris)  and have dandruff problem. So, I dont want to aggravate my other problems. Because of this, I have added L-carnitine

Its been 2 weeks, first week was ok and from last 4-5 days I am getting painful zits.I have to see if B5 is working, still breaking out pretty much every day. I think this is initial breakout, I have to give some time to B5.  Will wait to this dose for 1 full month i.e till 28th March. If nothing is helping then I book the appointment on 29th March for 2nd round of Accutane. I am Praying. I will update next week. Please reply if You have experienced any purging before getting any results. I need motivation. 

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Just an update, its been more than 4 weeks/1 month, since i started this regimen. I am still breaking out almost everyday. I haven't seen any dramatic changes, but still I feel some days (like 1 or 2 day in a week I dont get breakout). SO previously everyday, i used to have new breakout, now I breakout 4-5 times in a week which is still bad. I will still continue taking this regimen and in between I will book an appointment with a doctor for topical things. 

In addition to this, I started using Aveeno positively radiant scrub from last 2 weeks which is nice and helped my dry skin but no change in acne. I have ordered aveeno clear complexion moisturiser and will see how it reacts to my skin and will update in a week or 2.

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I took B5 for almost 2 months but it didnt work much and it dried my skin and hair (which leads to dandruff). I have started accutane a week ago as My acne is now severe and I am at my wits end. 

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