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Acne scar

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No,if you needle would suggest stamp but realy rf microneedling,needling with energy.needle with method that should yeild results,i think manual needling might worsen the scar area.

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Hi there you have textural acne scars. 

1) Subcise anything that is pitted and add filler if deep enough, cannot tell from the pic, ... scar make shadows with direct lighting / flashlight. (You will need 4 treatments)
2) RF Microneedling is better than normal dermastamping. (You would do 4 treatments of this spaced around your subcision, until you top up again and the filler runs out). IF you do not have the money then you can do derminator instead once a month (RF needling you wait 3 months between) but you will not get the same results. You can do both if you wish and continue on the derminator at home.
 3) Peels will be your biggest improvement. Either 35% TCA Peels, by a doctor or med spa, or a deep sedated peel by a doctor will give lots of improvement. You will need several. Or another option is erbium fully ablative laser resurfacing.

For more on how to do peels see the TCA Section, microneedling, subcision sections in the FAQ below.

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5 hours ago, argo said:

Should i go dermaroller treatment?

I see tethered scars in the mid-portion of the cheek, which cannot be addressed by dermaroller. You'll first need to get subcision to cut the scar bands anchored to the bottom. Then follow up with other treatments as outlined by BA. Good thing is that rolling scars just need extra cushion underneath to fill the cavity.
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