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Duac and AHA+ glycolic acid?

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I am going to start using AHA+ glycolic acid (10%) from acne.org soon. I will also still be using
benzoyl peroxide (Duac Once Daily (Benzoyl Peroxide 5%, Clindamycin 1% ).

The acne.org regime uses 
Treatment (Benzoyl Peroxide – 2.5%) instead of 5% and there is no 1% clindamycin in it. I am not buying the acne.org benzoyl peroxide. If after applying my Duac once daily gel that has 5% Benzoyl peroxide and 1% clindamycin, I apply the acne.org AHA glycolic acid on top of that, could that lead to bad reactions as the acne.org regime uses 2.5% benzoyl peroxide and then AHA glycolic acid on top of that and they are supposed to compliment each other and there is no mention of use of 5% Benzoyl peroxide.

I am worried that my treatment which has 5% BP and 1% clindamycin may either make the glycolic acid work less or it may not be as effective. I definitely cannot give up the 5% BP Duac treatment and can't afford to lower the BP does to 2.5% as my skin is used to it and needs it to keep acne under control.

Will acne.org's AHA glycolic acid 10% still be effective if I use (Duac Once Daily (Benzoyl Peroxide 5%, Clindamycin 1%  underneath it?

Many thanks

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Hi JJ-storm, 

Our best advice is to use the Acne.org AHA+ along side the Acne.org Treatment to treat your acne. They are specially formulated by our Dan and our team of experts ot wok well together to clear your acne giving you radiant and healthy looking skin. 


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