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Gon b on Tane!

Yup, I'm going on tane. That crap's expensive as heck. I'm getting it from Korea.

NoLimit: I hope you're reading this. It's 57000WON for a bottle of 10mg x 100 caps. So it's like 50 dollars. My dad sent me 3 bottles.

I'm gonna get Cetaphil and some Blistex from WalMart this weekend.

For the ppl who's read my previous post, the in-between-time-period was only 1 day... lol. Here's the sequence: Derm Appt - 12/8; Blood Work - 12/9; and Confirmation on Tane 12/10. I'll be receiving my supply of Tane soon. Wish me Luck!!!

PS. I'm taking the ACT tomorrow. I'd better get some sleep.

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Whoa....that's cheap. I'm really thinking of getting Accutane from Korea but I have no connections with doctors or derms. I have to ask my family about this. But thanks for letting me know. But then again my insurance might cover Accuante and evetually cost me about $50 a month or less....not too sure.

Good luck on your Accutane course...

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Yeah, I went to Walmart today because I couldn't wait for my supply to come in and got Amnesteem 20mg x 10 caps. It cost me $104! Jesus Christ!

Well, I also bought Cetaphil, Cetaphil Lotion, and Carmex for lips.

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roche has a plant in korea, thats good, and a good price too, sotret w/o insur. is 65 for 100 10mg pills, but sotret is generic

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