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Bumpy back problems

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This is gonna be a novel but I need some serious help. Ive had really bad back acne (similar face and chest but not as intense) for years now. Ive also just dealt with it. Changing soap because even after months pf using something, there would be no change. The catch is that I read up on it and I DO have weird absent/crazy intense, irregular periods. I always have and again...I just dealt with it differently. Its genetic according to my mom, its been that way for generations. My mom said when she was 18 she went almost 2 years without a period...I recently almost went a year without having one.  Note: I cannot be on birth control due to other medications (it would have to be non hormonal) Anyways, I was having pain, went to the ER and they found an ovarian cyst...its since subsided and I feel better and had a period shortly after as well. BUT what I'm wondering is, does my body maybe have a hormonal imbalance? Hyperthyroidism? 
These are things to consider but I also have another catch
I work at five guys. I'm around grease the entire 10 hour shift and in a manager so our shirts are polyester and spandex. They're also perferated so I feel like the greasy environment is in direct contact with my skin. Ive tried wearing different shirts underneath but still every night I come home, I start the shower, undress, and stand in the mirror and pop at least 3 or 4, nice big painful mt Everest ass whiteheads. Followed by standing there having to extract thousands of blackheads (the ones I can actually reach) I've even, taking a shower where I scrub and lather really good so that dirt comes out, and I come out and theyre still there......or still raised and infected. Its atrocious. I can't live like this. I need to find a way to ...1)regulate my body? 2) KEEP my skin protected at work... 3) find a fast detox or treatment for my skin. A new routine I guess. Plus I'm going on a cruise in July and I just want my skin to stop growing volcanos.



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