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Massive improvement and potential curing of my persistent acne.

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Right so a brief run down I have used the site for years but rarely post. I developed acne at 17 years old after going through puberty and school with clear skin it was like I woke up one day with acne... I am now 21 years old and yes a male and my acne has come back for round 3 after stopping treatment. I was on Duac gel for 18 months which completely cleared my skin but like any antibiotic gel eventually it will become ineffective. I have always had a strong interest in alternative medicine and nutrition and it’s taken me 4 years of being clear then getting it again every time I stop a treatment to finally realise that something is going wrong inside me. So now I am addressing my diet and potential other issues. So here is where I’m at I’m 21 and Male old my hair started thinning at 19 too so it’s likely I have high levels of DHT in my system as the theory is it causes hair follicles to thin and also can produce excess sebum production. A main issue I face is I workout daily and take lots of supplements to increase my testosterone levels etc which can make skin worse. Let me tell you something espescially Guys. Your Gut health plays a bigger part then your Androgen hormones inflammation needs to be addressed not hormones, i guarantee if most men with acne took a hormone test the results would be normal. Here is my current diet/regimen.

-Bone broth in the morning helps support gut health has massively improved my skin.
-I eat lots of brown rice throughout the day too support muscle gain and so far I haven’t had any issues.
-Eat healthy meats such as Chicken breast/Lean beef.
-Daily home made berry smoothie with chia seeds is a must (MEN don’t take flax seeds or you risk increasing estrogen levels but chia is fine)
-Beef protein isolate shake.

-Cod liver oil.
-Fish oil.
-50MG Zinc
-Vitamin E

I haven’t had a big red spot now for over a week and I suffer terribly from Post inflammation I get red acne marks for ages and ages even if it was a tiny spot. Let me tell you they are still there but far less red because I have increased my omega 3s through fish oils and Chia seeds which is anti inflammatory.

Biggest take homes:

* BONE BROTH is an absolute must buy some on amazon if you don’t have time making it. Taste like shit but drink it’s once/twice a day you’ll see results in no time.

*Drink green tea inbetween meals.

*Berries for antioxidants and Chia are a must for extra omega 3s and also fish oils.

*Try cutting dairy and gluten for at least 2 months.

*Even go the extra mile stop eating night shades for a while or certain nuts.

*I eat tonnes of peanut butter daily but a healthy kind with 100% peanuts no palm oil or sugar added and never had any breakouts from it.

*WHEAT is in everything you buy so you know what? Cook yourself stop being so damn lazy. 

Yea the pictures show the red marks but the last active spot I had was under my lip on the right the rest is just post inflammation marks. 

You have nothing to lose trying this other than gaining health and at least feeling better but anyways guys here is my story so far I hope to see this continuing to improve and when I start my cutting diet for the gym I believe truely I will become 100% clear as I will be cutting the carbs back too :)




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