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Yeeeees! Finally! Free from acne! It’s been a year, and my skin is still doing great!! I want to share the products that worked for me. I can finally go the to store without makeup and not feel uncomfortable. My skin doesn’t hurt and i don’t feel self conscious (even though i tried not to) about my skin. 


About me: acne from 11-32 years old, female, 33 now. I tried SO. MANY. PRODUCTS. Nothing worked. pretty much every type of acne, some type all over my face. The little bumps everywhere. Cystic (nodules?)  acne around my mouth and jaw. The pus filled kind (pustules, pastures?) where ever and all over. Red spots where ever. I think i counted once with over 40 active. Read below for what I do. It’s nothing extensive or crazy.  

  1. Cleanse every day, after removing makeup 
  2. Mask every other day/ every 3 days until skin looks smooth. Best at night. Feel out what’s best for you. 
  3. Serum: every night, sometimes morning also
  4. Hydrating cream morning and night. 



Cleanser: Juice beauty age defy line

 - natural and feels so good on your skin. Very soothing 

  • they have an acne line but stay away!! Salicylic acid is terrible for acne! I swear it would mildly improve my skin then actually make it worse without seeing any improvement, def think that stuff is a scam. At least for my skin. 


Mask- Juice Beauty “green apple peel FULL STRENGTH” -or- First Aid Beauty “Facial Radiance Intensive Peel” 

  • Aha’s and bha’s, I really didn’t see any improvement in my skin until I started doing these masks. A jar will last you a long time, 3 months+


Serum: Kiehl’s “midnight recovery concentrate”

  • seriously, this stuff is the BEST. I saw a difference THE. NEXT. DAY. I can tell when I don’t use it. Helps with skin clarity/redness as well. Check out reviews on this stuff. You’ll get excited.
  • This stuff is expensive but a little goes a long way. 1 bottle will last you 3+ months. Ask for some samples if you don’t wanna commit to a whole bottle.

Kiehls “Powerful-Strength Line Reducing Concentrate” 

 - this stuff, also amazing! My skin just looks smoother with this stuff. Great reviews, again get samples if you don’t want to commit to a bottle. 


MoisturiZing cream: Juice Beauty “ age defy moisturizer” light, feels good on your skin 


So as you can see, I’m a big Juice Beauty and Kiehls fan. Budget friendly/just wanna try it first:


Get the Juice Beauty Age Defy trial sized for $40. It comes with other stuff too, but you get the cleanser, peel and moisturizer. I recommend. It’ll last you a month if you don’t use too much product. Get samples of the Kiehls product. There’s usually a store in the mall or get online and they’ll give you a weeks worth usually. 


I hope this helps someone out there! 

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