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I really need some help and advice on how I can clear up my acne. I’ve always had acne since purberty and it got worse over the years. I’ve already gone to numerous dermatologists to get it treated so it has subsided from severe to moderate acne. The last dermatologist told me I’ve tried everything. Well, that was helpful...

I just want clear skin or at least as clear as I could go get. I really have bad acne especially during my period and most of them are retained in my chin, jaw and lower cheek area so I know it’s hormonal (doctor said the same thing). I have oily/combo skin and have rosacea as well so it can be sensitive. I’m very religious with skincare products and only use safe acne prone friendly skincare products.

Oral Pills I’ve tried:
Accutane (which helped the most, but i already finished the treatment plan)
Birth Control pills 
Spiro (on and off, worked to some effect but it disrupted by menstual cycle too much) 

Topicals I’ve tried:
Retin-A (tried different %)
combo of Retin A, Zinc and Azelaic Acid
Epiduo (works the most but still does not clear me up, hurts my skin like hell too, leaves red patchy marks)

Vitamins/Supplements I’ve tried:
Vitamin A
Vitamin B Complex
Hum clear skin

I’m at a point where I’m really tempted to go back to birth control pills again but I’m afraid of messing with my hormones and undergoing the initial breakouts and side effects. I also think that this could just be a temporary solution. Any thoughts on this? 

I also heard that DIM but me another solution? Does this really work?

Any help and advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! 

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Hello there...switch to homeopathy...U wont regret it...its unbelievable how my acne that wasted 5 years of my life got under control in just 20 days...I took every single medicine , used every cream to get rid of my acne...the only thing that helped me first was accutane. I took accutane for 6 months and my skin was clear af. but it had its side effects as well. After 6 months of me stopping accutane the acne started to come back. It was not like before but there were a lot of them. I didnt go for another round of accutane because of the side effects it had. There is a homeopathic doctor in my grandpa's town that he told me about and he said u should go there... It was a government based dispensary and the treatment was free...He gave me 3 meds...and its been 6 months and my skin is so good now... I only have one or two acne in a month now. i use tree tea oil and tretinoin cream on tht and it clears acne overnight... Homeopathy is a miracle...it worked for me when nothing else did...U should try it...The meds are Arnica 200(its mainly for adolescent acne) Natrum mur 30(acne due to oily skin) and third was belladona 30 (it clears acne that are food related). Try them thrice a day ( morning noon and evening) just take 5 min gap btwn taking the meds. Do it for 15 days u will notice the change. one thing more...To get the full permanent relief u have to take the meds for 3 4 months. Your acne can get a little worse at the start...Its because of Natrum Mur which works like accutane...Your skin may feel a liitle dry and it will be good if you use tea tree oil as a moisturizer around your acne area. Good luck...Update as soon as You see the result. 

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wanted to add more information

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First off, I understand how frustrating the acne battle is. Hang in there and do not give up. I agree that the jawline, chin, and neck area is definitely related to your hormones. Typically, higher levels of Progesterone before your period can thicken your sebum and clog your pores, which is why you may be breaking out more. Estrogen dominance can also contribute to acne, which many women both with and without PCOS struggle with. 

I have a few tips I can give:

  • So much of our skin health is related to what we eat. I can't even believe how going raw/paleo and minimizing my intake of animal protein [specifically red meat] has changed my body and my skin, even in just 6 weeks. I've dropped pounds fast without feeling starved. Also, my skin is very clear, and this is coming from someone who took Accutane. I've always naturally had a higher production of sebum [a lot of sebaceous glands visible on my t-zone, especially my nose] and my coloring is more even and my skin just looks more radiant since I've improved my diet. 
  • By trying the elimination diet, I realized that eating an excess of Vitamin C can trigger breakouts for me. In fact, even face washes and creams with high Vitamin C can aggrevate my skin. I recommend trying to eliminate 'trigger' foods like dairy, vitamin C, animal proteins, eggs, and nightshades to see if they break you out. 
  • Be fit every day -- and make sure to do intensive cardio and weight training at least 3-4 times a week. It's not always possible to work out hard every single day [and plus, training too much can cause pain and injuries]. But you should try to stand more than you sit, take daily walks, use the stairs over the elevator, etc. etc. Having a few intense fitness sessions per week will eliminate your body fat, which helps acne because toxins and excess hormones hide in our fat. [Icky, I know.] 
  • In the 14 days before your period, use a baby washcloth to exfoliate every other day, drink plenty of water, and take magnesium. Magnesium balances out our hormones and prevents estrogen dominance. There are some forms of chilated magnesium that can be applied on the skin. Magnesium sulfate also works, but it may induce bowel movements. [Not a bad thing if you are not 'regular.] 

Also, the worst thing you can do is try birth control. I know some people are fans of the pill, but it only contributes to sluggish liver function, depleted essential minerals, and estrogen dominance.  Edited by cloudydreamer

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