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Im Giving In To My Temptation to Eat Pizza

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I'm old enough to know for a fact that foods that are highly glycemic or that have polyunsaturated fats cause me to break out, typically on both sides of my face between my ears and sideburns, as well as on my forehead, and occasionally on my cheeks. Hence, whenever I abstain from such foods, my skin begins to clear up, though I always wind up giving in to my desire for inflammatory foods because they taste so good. Such is the case now; for the past few months, I've been eating only beans, shredded vegetables, and chicken breasts that are sauted in olive oil...apart from a two-week period that ended two weeks ago during which I gave in to my desire and ate loads of fast food (e.g. french fries, fried chicken, ice cream, pizza, etc). Subsequently, a small pimple near my left ear (behind my sideburn) and another in the middle of my forehead developed. However, they've been clearing up. 

Despite this, I can't help but give in to my desire to eat pizza today, so I went out about an hour ago and bought a DiGiorno pizza (supreme), which I'm going to eat tonight after I work out. However, I think that the zinc monomethionine (100mg per day) that I've been taking, as well as the Panoxyl benzoyl peroxide that I use to wash my face, will help to prevent any new breakouts. I say this because I had been using this regimen when the aforementioned small pimple near my left ear and in the middle of my forehead developed; this is telling because I had been eating A LOTof fast food, yet I developed only these two small pimples. Hence, I'm thinking that this regimen should be able to completely nullify the negative affects of this mere one pizza. Just to give you an idea of the amount of fast food that I was eating when I developed these two small pimples, consider this: on one day of the week that I was on my fast-food binge, I ate two orders of fried chicken wings (6 in one order and 9 in the other), french fries, a double-scoop ice cream, and extra fries. Remember, I ate all of these foods TWICE OVER! Hence, I ate four scoops of ice cream in one day, two sets of extra fries, etc. Yet, I suffered only these two small pimples. 

I've attached pictures of myself as I appear now. I will post pictures of my skin for the next two days to convey the progress of my skin subsequent to eating the pizza. kXohVBh.pngvZIl6gt.png9zhtTSg.png

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