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Acne regiment- benzoyl peroxide and hyper pigmentation

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I have mild acne and I started using the regimen 3 days ago. I practically do not have any spots on my forehead and most of my spots are on my cheeks and chin area. I do not really have many spots I just have quite a lot of small dark red marks which I think are left over from previous spots. I used to use adaplene, as my doctor prescribed me this. But when I was using it, I felt like it would clear up the spot but leave me with marks, which still haven't gone. Will the acne regimen actually help my skin and help these marks? I am not sure if it is hype rpigmentatin or scarring exactly. I also purchased the AHA glycolic acid and hoping that will help after a month of using the regimen. I wanted to ask, when using the benzoyl peroxide, a pea amount doesn't cover my entire face - so am I able to use more in the first week? also I do not have anything on my forehead, so I assumed I do not need to apply any treatment there - is this correct? Also is it bad wearing make up on top of the regimen in the day? 

Thank you!

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