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How do girls feel about girls with acne ?

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I am an 18 year old lesbian and a senior in an all girls high school. I have severe cystic acne and I am doing my 3rd round of accutane. My acne started at 8 years old and dramatically got worse at 12. The best treatments only give temporary partially relief. I never had a girlfriend and I feel like I wasted my childhood because of my acne. I can't wait until it gets better to start enjoying life especially because acne is kind of like my family curse. Everyone on my mother's side of the family gets acne. My great grandmother who is in her 80s still gets acne so waiting to out grow it is not a good idea. I am trying to be more social but I can't help being insecure. I want to have an idea what lesbian, bi, and straight girls think of girls with severe cystic acne. I have pimples on my face and my body acne I hide with clothes. I unfortunately can't hide my face completely. Makeup can only hide so much. Most of my pimples are large and  inflammatory and eventually starts oozing pus. My bronz complexion shows up the pus big time. I get scars despite the fact I never pop them. I am also very greasy. I look like I moisturize my face in cooking oil half of the time. Some girls think I am literally unclean and that I don't wash my face which is not true. Some girls don't understand why I allow visible pus to stay on my face but they don't understand that squeezing will only make times worse. I feel judged everyday. I like this girl who is an out lesbian too. She has bad acne but not as bad as mine. Plus she looks like the typical hot girl in every other way. I don't know what to do. 

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Hi! I've never.. had a girlfriend before but I wouldn't be opposed to it so I guess I classify as bi :0

I think. In general, girls won't ignore your acne but would be a lot more sympathetic than your typical guy. Like, this is such a general statement but girls put personality over looks more. I think a girl would be less likely to judge you for it and more understanding. 

I think most girls have gone through a period in their life where they had to deal with bad acne (or thought their acne was bad). Idk I find my friends talk about it with each other a lot..! I think if you had a girlfriend, especially one who also has acne, it's really the best case scenario. You could be there for each other about it emotionally, try out skincare stuff together, test makeup, etc etc. 

Even though you say this other girl's acne isn't as bad as yours, dealing with bad acne is still a lot and I'm sure she'd appreciate a partner who really understands that. Since she's an out lesbian, I think you should go for it..!

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So sorry you're feeling self conscious, I'm a women interested other women and I wouldn't even judge someone for their acne - in fact I feel a lot more attracted to women who don't have perfect skin. I think it's partially because I've had acne and It's nice to have some one that gets it. Go for it!

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