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I feel like I've tried so many things for acne and nothing has worked..

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I'm new to the site, I hope im posting in the right spot! This is my skin history in a nutshell, for reference, I am a 21yo girl!

As a teen, I had oily skin all over and some acne.

I have used minocyclin, retin-A, accutane twice, and have been on birth controls since I was 17...I used allese first and then freya.

After accutane round two about a year and a half ago, my skin became so dry, and to this day, my skin has little oil on my forehead and nose and the rest of my face is disgustingly dry.

I’ve been off birth control for 2 months and hate it because I’ve had three periods since :( I want to go on it again and my doc prescribed tri cyclen lo because the last one I went on, freya, broke me out on and under my jawline. My doctor prescribed tricyclen -lo so I'm going to start that and hope for some results.

Do you have any suggestions? I’m so desperate! 

I eat clean, have a basic skin care routine (Burt’s bees oil cleanser, simple facial cleanser, rose water toner, ponds dry skin cream, rosehip seed oil)

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