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Dermabasion first?

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I went to see a plastic surgeon and he recommended laser or dermabrasion. This was before I did any research on YT. It seems many have luck with subcision and TCA cross first. My doctor never mentioned it. He said I may need 2-3 treatments of abrasion. It seems to me that subcision would release the scar tissue first and then dermabrasion can smooth out all the scar tissue. It almost seems counterintuitive to do dermabrasion before subcision. I think my quote for dermabrasion was $1500. I am not sure how much subcision is.

Has anyone done dermabrasion then subcision or the opposite, subcision then dermabrasion? I have 2 more months before I go back to school so I have some time off to work on my scars.

I usually hear subcision with TCA. My friend is a internal medicine doctor. I can probably just have him do my TCA since he's taking a year off due to work stress. If he had the guts I'd tell him to do my subcision too. But prob best to let the plastic surgeon guy do that part although it seems easy enough for anyone who does any sort of surgery...even my dentist friend.

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Your doctor does not seem experienced with Acne Scars or perhaps he is not updated with treatments that work. I would find someone to do subcision and filler if you have pits, tca cross and rf microneedling. Several Acid peels like TCA are great to work on the final texture. 

Laser has many side effects and I don't recommend it. That should be the last option. Doctors press it incestantly. 

Dermabrasion is way to strong and has many side effects. It's extremely painful, it's outdated, few will do it now, makes your skin a weird waxy texture, you need several of them, it's bloody, dependent on your surgeons skin - if he messes up that is bad news for the skin, can make hyperpigmentation and other marks in the skin.

If you have 2 months, go set subcised and do filler. Then go get a session of rf microneedling, have your firend do the tca cross on the icepicks. Then when you have more time and funds (or when the filler runs out), do another subcision with filler, more rf microneedling and more cross. Peel when you finish the sub and rf needling treatments.

Checkout the FAQ : TCA section, click on the link and read the whole first page so you know how to do it, read about subcision.


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