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I know that everyone's condition is different, so I will explain my situation.

I am 22 years old and have had acne since I was 14. It first started appearing a lot on my face and especially my back. But when I was 18, I finally did something to prevent it (took some serious acne medication, I don't remember the name but it's the one you need a prescription for and all) and even though now my upper back is completely scarred, it finally stopped. However, it never really stopped for my face. It was always weird with because the acne on my face would come and go, and so I started to control what I ate. I slowly started avoid acne-triggering products such as milk and chocolate, and now, I have found myself eating only vegetables and lean protein (95% of the time) and yet I STILL have acne. The funny thing is that last year from May until December, I was quite unhealthy with my eating habits and my acne was totally fine. Now that I am regularly going to the gym, avoiding carbs, sweets, dairy, and greasy foods, I am getting it more than ever. 

I apply oil-control cream over my face most nights before I go to sleep (I noticed I have an oily face), and I'm afraid it doesn't really help that much. I noticed that most of the time, the acne is in the form of a pimple, and usually not very big (not like when I was a teenager). And most of the time, the acne comes up in the areas where I shave. I'm aware that people have sensitive skin and that I might be one of them, so I almost always apply after-shave and make sure my razor is clean.

I feel as if I'm taking every precaution possible. I'm extremely tired of acne and it has been bothering me for way too long. I hate the fact that after all these years, I still don't know how to prevent it. 

So that's my story. Does anybody have any new techniques or ideas as to what could possibly be causing these irritating pimples?

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