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Wza's Accutane Log

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Starting this a bit late.. hehe

I'm at the two week mark and figure I should discuss my acne history briefly and recap the past two weeks:

Acne runs in my father's genes and I certainly inherited them. I am half taiwanese half mixed european therefore I believe my skin situation is worse than my dad's was because I have ridiculously oily skin coupled with significant facial and body hair. Anyway I've had acne since freshman year of highschool (im now a freshman in college) and it was never really THAT bad; at the time tho it was bad to me and after bouncing from one derm to another and trying Differin, Retin A, BP, A few different antibiotics and various herbal/diet remedies I finally found something that worked: minocycline. For about six months of senior year and summer I was relatively clear. Everything was looking up, and I thought acne was a thing of the past after I had graduated from highschool. Big mistake.

Soon after arriving at college my face began breaking out with cysts and numerous, painful, extremely red lesions. What could it be? Stress, the shitty food, the antibiotic failing, lack of vitamin supplementation, the shitty living conditions? All these questions ran through my head. I tried b5 for about two months and wasn't seeing much of a difference, so like so many other people here I went on accutane as a last ditch effort to get my face clear and get my life back.

First couple days on accutane I didn't really notice too much.

Around day 3-4 lips, skin were drier, acne being pushed to the surface at a faster pace.

Days 5-10 face is looking terrible with a lot of white heads, dying cysts, hyperpigmentation. Guess this the infamous "initial breakout"; it sounds good in writing as it is bringing everything out, but when it actually happens you want to shoot yourself.

On about day 6 had the VERY unpleasant experience of a lot of rectal bleeding. I mean a LOT.. was really bad. This symptom appears to have subsided a couple days later.

Day 10 until now are more like healing phases going on. I am still breaking out, but nothing like the initial breakout. My skin is very fragile and susceptible to cuts, bruises. Eyes are also pretty dry and red. I am kind of worried that I'm gonna scar pretty badly but I guess only time will tell.

I'll update this every other day, and update with new pics in 2 weeks when finals are over biggrin.gif

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Alright.. Haven't updated this in a while but heres the past three weeks in a nutshell. Had finals, ate very bad food during this time period. Acne has subsided some, but I still am breaking out; nothing like the initial breakout period.

Went for my blood test two days ago (wed december 22nd) and was informed thursday night by my doc that my triglyceride level went from 64 to 300 in just one month on tane. I have a suspicion this increase was supplemented by me not lifting/exercising vigoriously as I had been since starting tane and also my terrible eating habits those last few weeks before finals.

My doc wants me to drop down to 40mg/day cutting my 80mg/day dose in half. I'm not considering this, I want acne dead.. What I'm going to do is avoid cholesterol and fatty foods like its my job and go back to my regular exercise schedule. I might drop my intake down to 40mg one day 80mg the next just to help lower those triglyceride levels.

Will post new pics in my gallery soon.

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