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I have been suffering with acne for about two months now... derm said it’s hormonal. I’ve been taking zinc, vit a, D3, and calcium. So far it’s been helping. I’m thinking of supplementing magnesium as well. Decided to try and figure out my trigger and I think it was all internal because the vitamins did help. I was originally getting deep cysts on my jawline but only on my right cheek (so weird) but now I get small bumps all over my right cheek which is better than cysts. However I struggle with picking and irs making everything so complicated because I pick and then it takes forever to heal :( I’m working on it.... 

i guess im just looking for support from other people who are suffering from acne because to be honest I feel so alone most of the time. I get these waves of anxiety that results in me standing in front of the mirror for 20 minutes picking and over analyzing my face. Im newly married so it’s even more stressful because I get so self conscious around my husband even though he try’s to support and comfort me.... acne is rough... it’s definitely taking a toll on my mental health. I find myself checking the mirror every 5 min hoping something got better....tonight I picked at my face and now it’s all red and irritated so I iced it and put vasalin.... guess I’ll see if it helps in the morning. 

some new things I’ve been trying 

-calamine lotion as a spot treatment 
-BP as a spot testament 
-zinc oxide (dipper rash cream)

if anyone is interested in any updates on my skin. Feel free to ask.

*hope to and it cleared soon!!

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Hey 'Catlover12',
Sounds like a difficult time. It's so good to be reaching out in a place where so many people are going through the same acne struggles. I hope you don't feel alone after reading through other people's posts.

I understand the urge to pick.. If you've started using spot treatments sometimes that can be just as satisfying - I avoid messing with any pimples in the evening and just spot treat with BP and alpha hydroxy acid, then in the morning if it hasn't settled down then I'll let myself touch them.

Vasaline's great for dryness, by the way, but if you ever want to try AHA+ I'd really recommend it - it moisturises a lot and chemically exfoliates, making it less likely for acne to reappear regardless of what internal problems are going on.

There's a typical speech people offer that 'nobody notices your skin as much as you do', but I think though they might not ever say anything, people see the struggle. I totally understand the toll on your mental health, but any progress can be a great self-esteem boost, even when minor. Keep looking after your skin (do you hold your head in your right hand or sleep on your right side?) and once you see improvements it's so worth the pride you feel when you notice a particular problem area's improved.

Best wishes

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