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How to use Hemp oil along with topical treatment(s)?

I really would like to know how people combine the use of Hemp seed oil (HSO)--as a moisturizer--and various topical medications. That is, how, exactly, do you employ both? Specifically, I'm wondering:

1) Which product do you apply first: HSO or topical medication? (I'm guessing it would be the HSO....)

2) How much HSO do you apply? (I've read that 2-3 drops works for the entire face, yes?)

3) Do you apply the HSO alone or combine it with a non-comedogenic moisturizer before application? 

4) Have you found that you could use HSOl successfully with a topical retinoid and/or Benzoyl Peroxide?

I deal with hormonally-driven, nodulocystic acne. :smileys_n_people_64:

My current AM routine, after cleansing, is to apply a non-comedogenic moisturizer (letting it absorb for 10-15 minutes), then apply 2.5% Benzoyl Peroxide gel; my current PM routine, after cleansing, is to apply Differin gel [OTC formula]; sometimes, after the Differin is absorbed, I'll apply a tiny dab of either Tea Tree or Lavender oil to select breakouts.

Thank you,

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