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Accutane Journey 2018

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Hi skin warriors, I hope everyone is doing fine. Just a brief introduction of myself.

Im 27 this year - Asian Chinese girl
i have battled acne since I was 15 years old so it has been a bad 13 years. Because of my bad skin, I gave up the idea of being an AirStewardess which was my childhood dream. Also, I haven't dated any for 9 years because of my Low esteem. Recently, I got attached with a guy which I really like. It makes me really sad as whenever we hang out, I always have breakouts and it makes me feel so ugly. Whenever he tries to kiss me or touches my face, I become very paranoid too as I'm afraid of new pimples forming.

Just last week, I had the worst breakout ever. I remember leaving my house with 3 recovered pimples and when I returned home that night, there were in total 18 new pustules (big and small) on my Chin, below my nose and my right cheeks. It was really devastating.

I have spent so much money on my face and there isn't any results. I visited skin Doctors and had signed up for facial packages twice (2k each time). Home remedies Iike honey, yogurt, green tea, oats and quality beauty products like dermalogical and even the Faved Medicube (Korea) couldn't save my face.

So with my brother's advice, I took a leap of faith and started my accutane journey (20mg in the day, 10mg in the night) on 5 February 2018. So far my 18 active pimples had subsided but there are still new pustules forming. My face still feels very bumpy but I notice that my skin (overall) is becoming dry. I will update the journey and hope that you can stay with me throughout! Please give me lots of support, I really need it:(

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Today is Day 8 on Accutane. Guess what? It's also Valentines Day. What a bummer:( It irks me so much whenever I look into a mirror.

Attaching 2 photos here so that I can track my progress. 

I know my skin condition might not be as bad as some of the other skin warriors out there, but it's still affecting me a lot, at least for the past 10 years.  



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Hey sad girl, don't be too sad. You're right when you say your skin isn't as bad as some people's - which probably means it'll clear up faster and definitely with just one course of Accutane. Also, I've had acne before and I can say the red marks fade completely, with just sunscreen, no other treatments, in one year, and enough for going out without makeup in 6 months - at least they did for me, a very pale latin girl, if that helps to compare. If you still dream about becoming a stewardess, why not take this healing time to study for it? Focus on whatever you feel able to do now and try not to worry about when the pills are going to start working - they will, even if it takes a few months, but you've already been so patient! You can come out of this hell a lot stronger. I know what it's like to have low self esteem, to feel afraid to try and build the life you want in whatever area it is you feel insecure. But just trying to do it despite your fears means you are very fucking brave. Am I rambling? Not that I care. Hey, look at this emoticon, it's so adorablie: |::comfort:.

ps: don't pick

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@iwantcafune You are really a sweet girl. I read your posts too. Hope we both achieve nice skin soon:)) (loves)

Oh well, while I thought everything is in control, it probably isn't! Some new breakouts on my face which is depressing again. It could be because I slept at 3am yesterday and I'm also on my period.

I spoke to my bf about me having medication for my acne and he asked me if it is really necessary. He thought that it isn't that bad to be on pills but he haven't seen me bare face yet. I don't even dare to show him my face without make up because of the scars and pigmentations.

It was the Chinese New Year festive season last week and I had to do many family visiting so I felt really bad about myself. In fact I really wanted to avoid such gatherings because I would prefer to face the world when I'm cured. There were many goodies which I couldn't enjoy for fear that it will affect my face condition.

Side effects would be dry lips of course, I realised the side of my mouth would also be flaky as well. Could it be me only but I realised when I shit, the initial part is dry too (laughs) Not sure is it because of the pills or is it just me constipation.

Lets all stay strong:)
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The area around my mouth has been breaking out like nobody's business. It used to break out only once a month or at times when I don't wipe my mouth after a meal. Now it's breaking out almost every other day, and it comes with pus. 

My nose feels dry most of the times and my skin (hand) feels dry too. I have been drinking a lot of water and trying to eat healthier to combat acne and dryness.

Today, my colleague asked me what happened to my face and I feel so embarrassed. In the train, I also feel that people are looking at me (even if they are not) because of the bad skin. I tend to avoid bright areas and prefer to talk to people in darker areas or with dimmer lights - as bright and white light tend to highlight my flawed skin. What have I done to have acne and behave like this like a sneaky mouse? 

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Hi! I hope your accutane journey goes well! From your picture your acné Seems similar to mine only mine Is worse. So you only get ir on your cheeks?
i can totally relate to the whole avoiding bad Lighting. I have done it for so long it Seems i have an internal alarm that goes off everytime im talking to someone under natural Light , which Is very unforgiving. Why cant the World have nice, low ,warm Lighting ?? Am i asking for too much? Lol 
Also with the dating thing , i know for a fact acné has Made me a More cynical person. I cant wait to get over it and be able to have a guy touch my Face without thinking about Germs or worse, him accidentally touching a pimple!

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@Scully21 I have seen your pictures and the kind of acne looks really similar. I wondered what went wrong! Yes I break out mostly at my cheeks area (the side of my right cheek especially) and hardly on my forehead, nose, lips and Chin. However, with accutane, the lips and Chin area are now influx with pimples (with Pus). I had followed your space too so please update more often!

Me and bf went out for dinner yesterday and I was trying to find a seat at the restaurant with dim lightings but damn we were allocated to a seat with white light. So when he came he commented that I have raging hormones again as pimples are forming. We took some photos (which I initiated - stupid me) and the pimples were so big and obvious that I deleted them.

Its my 25th day today so I will pop by my doctor to grab some more pills (it cause me about $300SGD each month and consultation of $20SGD) so I'm feeling so poor right now. But it will be all worthwhile as I truly feel that it is getting better! Pictures will be up soon:)
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It has been awhile since I last updated. It's my 40th day and I still have random acnes popping out. Pictures as follows! Face looks quite bad because I've been sleeping late.

My face is really dry and flushing all the time. Even the area near my mouth is peeling. I hate looking into the mirror (unless it's from far distance). Hope everyone else is doing fine:)




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Hi warriors. Bad news. My worst nightmare is back and I can't look into the mirror again.

After my last course of accutane, i actually had clear skin and was feeling very confident. I was using Medicube Erasing Cream and a Doctor's prescribed makeup and it was working very well on me. Of course occasionally I still have a few bumps here and there and some late nights and my Favourite fried food and snacks but all is manageable.

However, I recently started using the Medicube masks (which I now confirmed that this is the skincare which had caused my breakouts in a February 2018 because it did the same right now) and pimples (with pus) started forming around my mouth and jaw and they are unstoppable.

I'm still with the same Boyfriend (now fiance) who has seen my bare face before which was alright last time but now the same thing is happening and it's worst. I go to work Everyday feeling very depressed and Low esteem.

Im very lost and I don't know how to stop this breakout now. Do I need to go for another course of accutane or I should just wait and see? :(

My left side of the face is usually fine but it actually break out very badly this time. Surprisingly my right side (usually the troubled skin) is a lot better this time. The pictures don't do justice to how bad it is right now because (1) I took it at night and the lighting is pretty dim (2) I just bathed and put on cream so in reality it's much more red and bumpy OH NOO any encouragement or advice form you all? 



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