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Hi, I'm 13 years old and I have a blackhead and oily skin problem. Whenever I get ready in the morning, the oiliness of my face is too much and I result in not following the acne.org regimen because I find it to be too light. I use a gingko leaf cleanser, morning ph level balancer, and a salicylic acid cleanser to finish it off. After that, I use a clinique moisturizer and a vitamin b5 lotion. (When I use these, the oil does not subside.) Though the pimples that come up drastically improved from the past 2 years, the oiliness has increased 2x. I get 1-10 breakouts every week. I have the blackheads only on the sides of my face and everywhere below. So, I'm just wondering how I can stop the over-flow of sebum and get rid of the blackheads once and for all.

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Salicylic acid cleansers are ok but the toners and the wipes are better bc they stay on your face and are not washed off. I would look for 10-2 or 5-2 pads. There are several companies that make them. They are glycolic acid combined with salicylic acid. Bring them with you to school and use a couple of times during the day. Be careful not too much, go slow. I would also stop using the moisturizers you are using. First, look at the list of ingredients on acne.org’s website about which ingredients are non comedogenic. Then only buy products without those ingredients. Second, try Vivant products for just about everything including their day treatment lotion for moisturizing. Dr Fulton is the owner of the company and he co-invented Retin A plus he also used to distribute a list of comedogenic ingredients like the one I mentioned above so I would be shocked if any of those ingredients are in his products. Third, have you ever seen those paper thin blotting pads that come in small packs? I think Proactiv makes them but others do ok. They have a minimal amount of powder on them. And you carry them with you and blot when you feel oily. I am guessing you can use 2-3 of them at one time. They will reduce the oil. The blackheads need to come out. With an extractor or with very clean fingers or get a facial. Good luck 

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