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Neverending forehead breakout (picture)

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Hello everybody, I would like to share my experience and ask for advice, if possible.

I had always had oily skin with a few pimples once in a while, nothing serious, until in October 2017 I got the WORST BREAKOUT I have ever had, exactly in the middle of my forehead.
Since the inflammation didn't seem to go away (notice we are talking always of the SAME inflamed pimples...) in January I've used DALACIN T for about a week and that really put out my breakout. I was finally starting to feel confident again!
However, a few weeks later I started noticing grapes and bunches of tiny sebum-balls-like things underneath my skin, always in the middle of my forehead, so I started using DIFFERIN (I had already used it years ago, I know it takes a lot of time to show results) and guess what... I'm back with that awful breakout once again!
And also the horrible dark scars that the old breakout left me with are still there, not fading AT ALL after two months! 

I'm really embarassed and sad about this. I don't feel like this is myself, I always have to wear foundation and I hate when people look at me.

On my skin I use aloe vera gel and an organic moisturizing cream twice a day, and my face except for my forehesd looks great, so I really don't understand why I keep breaking out in that exact place!

In the photo most of the redness is actually acne scars.


Do you have any advice?
Thank you

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Look at my post from today - Acne Regimen Explained. I would start with Charcoal and I would consider getting rid of your current products for a few weeks to see if they are causing the problem. You could also try the regimen that Acne.org sells. Benzoyl peroxide has been around for 30+ years because it works. I also really like Vivant products.

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