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donald bathe

scar scream without spf 30

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if i had surgery and used a scar gel/cream that did not come with spf 30 and i had to buy that apart, would it have to be prescription spf 30 vs a commercial one like coppertone?????  someone told me that over the counter spf 30 wont work as well as prescription or something especially made for surgical scars that need a special kind of spf 30 to protect them from the sun.  would a special kind of spf 30 or higher be needed to combine it with a scar gel/cream that doesnt come with spf 30?????  what would happen if a commercial over the counter spf 30 was to be combined or used with a scar gel/cream that doesnt have any spf 30 vs using a specialized spf 30 made especially  madefor surgical scars that are fresh and that need to be protected from the sun??????  can a scar expert please tell me.  rsvp.  thank you.  

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Use any sunscreen. There is no difference. If your asking for a product that has it all, no idea. Layer them. If you want more sunscreen put a higher SPF on or cover the wound with clothing / wear a hat, etc... A surgical sunscreen might be formulated to be more sensitive and for wounds. Your wound sounds fully closed, so anything will work. 

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Buy the more expensive product if you wish. Marketing for medicated, potentially has other functions or expensive ingredients, more elegant formula, $$$, safe to be put onto surgically open wounds, may have concealer in it for a bit of pigment cover. Ingredients are safe for surgery or by known high end brands. Sunscreen is sunscreen. The choice is yours but any hypoallergenic sunscreen should be fine, make sure the ingredients list is a simple as possible. Baby products are often like this.

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