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Breaking out all over face

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My skin isn't perfect, but I typically do not have any issues. However, last Monday-Tuesday I noticed the skin on my forehead a little more raised than usual, but I ignored this. Then, I realized on Wednesday I was breaking out in extremely tiny white heads on my chin and cheek and tiny skin colored bumps on my forehead. My skincare routine is pretty solid and I like to take care of my skin(I wash, moisturize, exfoliate, use SPF, toner the whole bit). So far I have used a face mask, Benzoyl Peroxide 5% Topical Cream, exfoliated, used my regular face wash, Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash, and I have moisturized my skin as per usual. Now it is Sunday and to my dismay, my skin is not really noticeable, but these bumps have not gone away and do not seem to be going anywhere. It is really embarrassing because not only am I not used to my skin looking like this, I am a college student who does not have access to my dermatologist because I am far away from home, and my birthday is the day after Valentine's Day. The last time I broke out in a manner like this was in March of last year where I was diagnosed with strep throat. I do not think my skin is breaking out due to common causes of acne, stress, diet, sleep etc..Please help me. All suggestions are welcome. Pictures will be attached. 

pic 2.jpg

pic 1.jpg

pic 3.jpg

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Firstly, I recommend you stop trying so many products at one time.  This can lead to skin freaking out.  Pick one and stick to it for a a few months.  Secondly, your breakouts do not look as noticeable (at least on camera) so this may pass without treatment.   Think back to see if there have been any changes, even subtle ones in your diet and/or lifestyle.

Have you been stressed more?  Eating new foods?  Environmental changes?  Hormonal changes?  Medicine changes (ex: birth control)?

This change in your skin could be as a result of many things so try not to jump to conclusions and start over treating turning a small problem into a bigger one.

I know how frustrating it can be to see your skin change but hang in there.

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