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Can't get rid of acne & scarring on cheeks

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Hi everyone,
I'm struggling to get rid of the acne on my cheeks. I've tried using benzoyl peroxide and salycilic acid in the past and it's horrible, my face was all burnt, puffy and sore. I've seen a naturopath and had no luck, felt like I was just wasting my money for no results. I have been vegan for the last 9 months (for other reasons) but still no change in my skin. I don't exercise as much anymore, but when I was my skin was still no better. I have recently given up coffee 2 weeks ago but no change - I'll continue with it though but I don't think its the cause anymore. I've tried putting tea tree oil on pimples, apple cider vinegar, vitamin E cream, and using Real U treatment. I also don't think it's stress related (although it does get worse when I'm particularly stressed out) as it's like this all year round, I've been on holidays for the past 3 months and no change.
Any ideas???
Thanks in advance.. :)



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Hello.  I know how it feels to be trying so many different things and not have them pay off.  It's frustration to say the least.  Can you go into more details in regards to your naturopathic treatments diet and supplement wise?  If you have not seen a derm, it may be a good time to make an appointment as they are usually the next step if over the counter topicals fail.  

Sometimes with skin, there has to be a combination of things taking place for acne to clear up so keep at it.

Good luck!

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See my post Acne Regimen Explained. You are going to need to do several things at once. Start with charcoal. And if salicylic acid is really not working for you then try a different acid or peel. And you need something to kill the bacteria. Maybe blue light if benzoyl peroxide did not work for you. But also investigate the acne.org plan. Because not all benzoyl peroxides are the same. You can read about it elsewhere on this site. 

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