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Acne scar wont heal, even in 3 months

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I am female, 25 years old and have very light skin. It is kind of see-through and has always been, you can see all my veins on my legs, chest and stomach.

I have never had a problem with acne, however, in the last three years I got cystic acne, which got worse over time.

I went to a dermatologist (after trying everything by myself) three months ago and got prescribed antibiotics (300mg Minocycline) once a day. I first doubted that this low doseage would do anything for me, but since I took the first pill I have not got a single break out, not even a small pimple.


Although I am very happy to not have painful cysts in my face or on my back, my face does not really look any better. I can cover everything better as there are no bumps anymore, but my face is still super full of scars! I look like a chocolate chip cookie! 


My skin is and has always been very very dry. From using BPO my skin got even drier. Now I am left with super dry skin, red hyperpigmented acne scars that kind of look hypertrophic. All of them seem to have very thin skin on the top.

Luckily, I almost don’t have any open scars anymore, just three on the whole face.


However the scars don’t seem to get any better! Actually they stayed the same for the last eleven weeks.

I tried putting Cortisone cream on, but it didn’t do anything. If I put a fat, moisturizing cream on, it seems that the wounds don’t close. If I put BPO on to dry out the wounds, my skin gets even drier and super dull and then it looks even more uneven and destroyed ;(

It is definitely not inflammation anymore, nothing in my face hurts and I don’t have any pimples, it is just my damaged skin.


I attached some pictures to help you understand what my skin looks like.

I really don’t understand why it takes so long to heal.

When I have a mosquito bite I quite often scratch it until I bleed and sometimes it even gets inflamed, but as soon as the wound is closed it heals completely in less than a week and doesn’t leave a scar. 


Did you have an idea why it takes so long to heal? And what can I do to help it?






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These are not scars they are wounds or PIE post acne. You can go the natural route honey and aloe. Or triple antibiotic cream. This takes a long time to go away. For some a year. Laser like vascular laser helps the reds go away quicker or carbon peel treatments with a laser cleans out the pores. Wet wounds are happy wounds.

Please see a dermatologist if this concerns you and they can give you a steroid if you wish.

Checkout the FAQ - Skin section - PIE 

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