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Candy Says

Can anyone show before/afer results after TCA cross?

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It really bothers me most. Can anyone show proof that this can help? Im driving crazy by realization that it will take years and pits will still there. Is there any alternative to TCA cross?

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I cant find anything in internet (except one b/a from Lim) that shows proof of efficiency of TCA cross method. Everyone talking that this is best method for ice picks, Obi Wan told that ice picks are easiest type of scars to treat, but I cant find anything. Is it really true that this might help?  For how long it takes in average? how much improvement can it bring in average?

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You don't have icepick scars, your privately messaging me for help. You sent pics. Your scars are boxcars and rolling scars over your cheeks and not the most severe I have seen. I have given you advice, filler, subcision, rf needling, peels or erbium resurfacing. PRP for skin thinness. Stem Cell Injections in Korea, microfat grafts. All of this takes time and has to be repeated. The body does not just heal after one procedure. It takes work emotionally and time wise. When one treatment on average takes 3-6 months to heal from ... your packing this into your 3 month stay. We do to much and that is not good either. Things just don't work like that. Get done what you can get done at the clinics, and either go back for more or treat elsewhere when it's more convenient. You have some other heal these issues and I have tried to advice to detox the body and improve the skin from that.

There are literally thousands of documents proving TCA Cross. Goto pubmed.com "Tca cross" or Google Scollar. Your wanting something to instantly fix your skin in Korea since your only there for a few months, when treatment takes time. I can't do all the research for you.

You know what they used to do for icepicks / small boxcars, cut them out, aka punch excision. This was terrible with different skin tone, bad grafts that did not take, texture irregularities, poor stitches. They then laser the skin plugs / stitched wounds and hope it all looks good blended together. I do know it has terrible results from other reviews if you research. Cross takes time because your raising the scar bed of your own skin.

[Media Removed]

After Punch Excision:
Left cheek punch excision stitches removed 4/29/09 - Cystic Acne Scar revision - Pictures ...
VS TCA Cross and your body healing and raising the scar.

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By the way TCA was invented by the Koreans years ago, and this is the country your in. 

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Which country are you from originally? Is there no good doctors there? Why Korea? Is there no good docs listed in the FAQ from your country? 

Why not visit Lim in Australia? I know he is not taking international patients, but you can just say you are an international student in Brisbane. 

I actually did some uni in Brisbane. You wouldn't look out of place, plenty of international students. 

Going to Korea would be problematic for a couple of reasons. The language barrier, getting ripped off as a foreigner and even the quality of treatment. 

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29 minutes ago, Candy Says said:
@ScarRight Im Russian
Well that makes a bit of sense, I don't think there would be many, if any, great scar revision specialist in Russia and it might be harder to get a visa for three months in a western nation. I hope Korea goes well.

Being realistic though, it takes several treatments spaced apart. You can't get decent improvements in 2-3 months.  Edited by ScarRight
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TCA CROSS originally done by Koreans many years ago with tooth pick for deep ice pick scar, but now adapted by many dermatologist for linear narrow scars and even narrow box car scars. Several Drs have many pics on YouTube plus RealSelf. This treatment is one of the best for scars, as cost effective and vvvvv predictable, in the correct hands. Caveat is that one has to know what scars are suitable. Seen many pictures of scars made worse with TCA CROSS, do not treat chicken pox scars nor saucer scars with this technique. If one has type 3 skin, PIH is expected for 3 months. Think Lim explains it well in the video, but guys like Novick, and Rapaport are well versed in this method in the US. I would think that the Korean's would still lead the way. Prof Goodman has shown a few photos of incidental improvement with microneedling and Fractional Co2- more of an accidental improvement than 'best method'. 

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