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27, Gianvi BIG mistake

I started taking Gianvi 2 months ago as I needed to be on a form of birth control to start Accutane. I start in the beginning of March but I needed to share information about Gianvi sooner than later.

A little but of background on me I am 27 and have dealt with acne on a serious level since about 21. I saw a serious level because I had a few breakouts in high school but, nothing compared to what I experienced after having my 1st child. From about 16-19 benzoyl peroxide would do the trick. Then around 19 I joined the military and decided my "acne"(2 or 3 breakouts a month)  was better managed by taking Minocycline everyday. WOW did it do the trick. My face was clear as ever and during this time my self confidence was so high I ended up meeting my husband. I found out I was pregnant and stopped the Minocycline. My face has NEVER been the same. After his birth I tried Minocycline and doxy again with no luck. I tried every cream and gel under the sun. During these 6 years I did not want to get on Accutane because of the potential risks to future children. Long story short my husband and I had a 2nd child in 2017 and after her birth I knew I needed to get on Accutane. My husband and I have since divorced (I do believe my lack of self confidence due to acne was partially to blame) and I do not plan to have anymore children. So I asked my derm to put me on Accutane and I began to take Gianvi as directed.

Present day, ever since week 1 of Gianvi my face has been the worst it has ever been. There is no end in sight. Everytime I tell myself "Oh its getting better" 4 more pimples pop up. I have had no self confidence, I am so embarrassed to go out in public. I of course wear makeuo everywhere I go. Its a NIGHTMARE. I am stopping as of today. There is nothing in the labs that will test for wether or not you are on birth control so i will be fine to begin accutane soon. I am just so upset that after so much research and thinking Gianvi was the ONE that would HELP me with acne it fell all the way short. I am thankful for makeup but I want tk warn others. Please make another choice any version of YAZ is TRASH. Lol but no really steer clear. Unless you don't want to leave the house ever again. 

SN: I'm sure someone will think 2 months wasnt enough but considering I'm going on accutane in 3 weeks I will be fine. I would much rather never find out how it ends with Gianvi.    

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