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Hey everyone! I’ve flared with seasonal acne lately, and went on topical meds about 4 weeks ago. It’s been (very) slowly effective for the most part, except for one spot on my cheek. Essentially, it will pop, I’ll make sure all the puss and what not is out of, it will heal up, flatten, and start to fade... and then in the next few days comes back again! I know this happens for pimples then and now when it isn’t fully popped, but I’m sure I’m fully getting all the stuff out of this pimple every time, and it has kept coming back over and over again without fail, probably about 5 times now.

I don’t think it’s a cyst since I’ve never had cystic acne and it always comes to some sort of a head, and it’s also pretty small, so I don’t want to go to the dermo to complain about it. However, it’s usually pretty inflamed. Any thoughts on what this could be or how i can treat it?

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