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Cheek redness and acne

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 ive been on a long journey with acne, which has been jumping around in parts of my face randomly it seems. Im 17 and ive first started seeing redness on my cheeks when i started conditioning for swimming last august. The unusual part was that my face felt sensitive, like I was being affected by the chlorine (i did waterpolo in april and I wasn't affected at all). My skin felt really dry, sometimes like it would crack and fall off, especially on my cheeks and chin so I decided to buy moisturizer (cerave). At the time all I was using was jojoba oil, rosehip oil, salicylic acid by st ives scrub, and the corsx ph morning wash. of course, I used these sparingly since my face was already dry by the chlorine. i was hoping that once i stopped swimming my skin would be restored. one day after swimming i noticed a few speckles of red on the top part of my right cheek but i dismissed it, thought i was hallucinating. i stopped paying attention to it and in october i think it was, i broke out on both of my cheeks (cystic pimples). they were really under the skin so i reluctantly used benzol peroxide 3.5%. i was really careful with it so that my skin wouldnt get burned. it worked and now i have some pigmentation. well in november, i was outside and it was really cold and windy. when i got home, i felt my cheeks semi hot and checked myself out and surely, my cheeks were red. i noticed theyd get super red if the wind hits me directly in the face. ive been really insecure about it because my face gets oily easily and it makes the redness stand out more. i went to the doctor to hopefully get recommended for a dermatologist and thankfully i did. my doc thought the redness was due to the salicylic acid and told me to stop using it and use SPF (photosensitivity). so i stopped using it but the redness still lingers. I bought a zinc pyrithione soap to combat the flakiness i had at the moment too which i suspected was seborrheic dermatitis (i have a mild version of it on my scalp). the image shows how bad it was. the soap cleared it up tho and helped a bit with acne but not so much because i broke out again. does anyone have any knowledge on this?? i dont use makeup, im eating healthy, i lift weights and im increasing my caloric intake (but not to an extreme). i havent really changed anything that ive been doing for the past year and now suddenly im getting acne. i cant tell if this is hormonal




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Update if anybody wants to know...: went to the derm finally and they did some blood tests but i just got some acne i guess they didnt say what i had. They prescribed me with clindamycin .1% (mix that with benzol peroxide 2.5%) and tretinoin .025% cream. im barely gonna start it so ill update progress on here.... if anybody even reads this lol

Edit: 3/29/18 soo i had a mini purge i guess (3 really red pimples on my left cheek but they went away quickly with tretinoin... now i have some pigmentation. my cheeks are still red (they become red throughout the day). and a major observation i've had: my face got SUPER oily. especially my chin, forehead and nose (T zone). I had oily skin before but never this oily!! and i didnt have acne in my forehead but i decided to use tretinoin on it to help with some acne blemishes but i noticed small comedones forming and i panicked so i stopped using it on my forehead. idk how to deal with this oiliness i read that dehydrated skin gets oily so ive been moisturizing like crazy. I expected, even hoped, for dry skin as a side effect. ughhh i hope this oiliness is a side effect too and goes away

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