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A HUGE mistake

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Alright, figured I'd just share my story with the Regimen as of now...

I have mild to moderate acne, bad spots being my jawline and around my mouth, and I'm really insecure about it.

Proactiv didn't work, neither did soap and wimpy cleansers, so I figured I'd try out the Regimen. Unfortunately, I was so frustrated with my acne that I just jumped right in and didn't follow directions too well. I figured I had tough skin, so 10% BP woulden't be that bad.

I started out, under the impression I was doing it properly, by just rubbing a thick layer over my enitire face, leaving it on for about 10 minutes, taking a shower and then putting moisturizer on. I did this for about a month, and actually saw some slight, slight improvement, but I was still unhappy, so I came back to acne.org to see if I was doing anything wrong. I watched the videos (which I hadn't done before) and realized that you're supposed to leave the BP on for the whole day. I figured, crap, I just wasted 2 tubes of BP.

Since I had dumped a good portion of BP onto my face, and even though I had been doing it wrong, I reasoned that what I had been doing was probably equivalent to 2 weeks worth of the Regimen done properly, and jumped right into the correct (in a certain sense...) way of doing it. I covered my face in 10%, rubbed it in nice and softly, and then plopped a good portion of moisturizer on.

Day 1 and Day 2 went smoothly. My face felt a little tingly and became red, but I figured it was starting to work. By day 3 I realized something was wrong. My face was starting to become really, really painful and really, really dry... BUT my acne was starting to clear up! In 2 days! I decided to suck it up and deal with the pain and slapped down another round of 10% BP and Moisture...

Bad, bad, bad, bad, bad, bad idea.

I woke up the next day, and mother of all that is holy, I could not even make an expression with my face. Basically, my face dried up into a prune and started flaking and peeling all around my mouth, nose and neck, next to my eyes and a little between my eyes. I could barely open my mouth to eat without excruciating pain. My entire face was blood red and shiny, yet still felt like reptile scales to the touch.

I jumped in the shower and just let the cold water run all over my face. This stung like all hell, but after a minute it felt oh-so-good. I switched it to hot, and it felt even better. I started flexing my face, and slowly but surely I started to feel normal again. After showering, I lightly patted my face dry and applied a boatload of moisturizer to my face. That stung like hell when it hit the areas of cracked skin, but like the water, started to feel good after a little.

Fast forward 15 minutes. My face is dry as hell again. The moisturizer seems to have done nothing, so I apply another healthy dose. Stings. Gets better. I go back to what I was doing.

Fast forward another 15 minutes. Same damn problem. Repeat 2 more times till I gave up and let my face just go.

So here I am, 2 days later, my face just as bad as it was when I woke up that morning. It hurts like hell, I can barely eat, and I'm embarassed to go outside.

First: Anyone have any reccomendation? I understand others have had similar problems as this, so what did you do? How severe was yours and how long did it take to pass?

Second: Once this fiasco of dermatoloigcal ineptitude has passed I intend to go back on the Regimen the proper way. Is this safe? I'm so close to clearing my skin up, but believe me, I know I won't get results as quickly as I did with my terrible method.

Third: While this is bad, it's nothing compared to the Coxsackie Virus and a cut in your mouth...

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Truly, a very nice story. Kind of the way i live my life. but actually i can go outside and i dont a f*ck what people say or think about my acne. i just say in my head "what you lookin at?". because they look at me like im a ricken alien or somthing, they never see acne before? oh, xcuse me, these are people with baby-smooth skin who with the slightest break out spend hundreds of $ on 1 thing. but i mean they obviously did something better to keep there skin good.

its cool the way of your decriptions, i cant say that its happened to me, but when i get out of the shower my face does feel bone dry and i want to rip it off. May i ask what moisturizer you use after your shower? caus i hate the dryness...i here it just can cause ur skin more oily= more pimples.

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Truly, a very nice story.  Kind of the way i live my life.  but actually i can go outside and i dont a f*ck what people say or think about my acne.  i just say in my head "what you lookin at?".  because they look at me like im a ricken alien or somthing, they never see acne before?

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well, I'd stop the Regimen until your skin feels normal again. I'd even try to wash it less.

also put some really oily stuff om your face...like Vasiline..when you're at home of course (dunno if it clogges pores, but there are lots of moisturizers for dry kin in the stores...)

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neutrogena healthy skin will probably cause a lot of burning, I use it myself and it used to sting bad when my skin was dryer and more sensative (but not as bad as yours...ouch sad.gif ) Also, I think the AHA causes a lot more peeling for the first few weeks so that may not be helping you now.

If you can get some pure aloe vera gel that might help since it'll moisturize but also heal. Put the whole bottle in the fridge if you can, maybe the coolness will feel better on your skin.

Oh, and once everything is back to norm I definitely think you are okay to try the regimen again especially if you were seeing results AND as long as this is over-irritation and not an allergic reaction of any sort. Just start out slow, don't use the full amount of bp, and for goodness sake get your hands on some 2.5% not 10% tongue.gif

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I was going to say try 2.5%, instead of 10%, but Ospray beat me to it tongue.gif

I honestly think my face would actually fall off, if I used 10% wacko.gif

I started off using Panoxyl gel 2.5%, which really irritated my face.. so fater reading what other people had said, I switched to Quinoderm 5%.. even though this is a higher % of BP, it seems to be much gentler on my sensitive skin.. and it works! smile.gif

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all moisturizers are not created equal.

i had the same problem when i started the regimen, after I applied the bp for the first time, the next day my face was actually itchy like i had a rash from it, as well as dry and painful. the moisturizer i was using (dove sensitive essentials) would be okay for a few minutes, but then my skin would feel tight and dry and be all flaky and nasty again. i seriously could not avoid flakes, i always had them on my face, and i didn't even want to hug my bf bc i would get a bunch of flakes on his shirt. i went on like this for far too long, just enduring my dry skin and flakey face. i could have solved it all by just switching moisturizers.

my problem = ineffective moisturizer. no moisturizer should have to be applied more than once, and also moisturizers should totally eliminate dryness and flakes.

solution: eucerin skin renewal moisturizer. it solves every dryness problem under the sun! i'm absolutely in love with it. biggrin.gif and it does NOT break you out. no matter what fears you may have about moisturizer, it is a GOOD thing. a great thing.

so along with switching to 2.5% bp, I'd switch moisturizers. bc if you don't give the bp a chance to dry out your skin bc its moisturized then you won't have problems with the bp. also, i'd suggest not putting bp anywhere you don't normally get acne. i don't get it on my cheeks, and putting it there makes them red and blushy all the time, so i don't put it there and its fine.

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Ouch. I say lay off the regimen for a few days. In place of gentle cleanser, let the water run over your face (cold, warm, whatever) till you feel relief. Pat dry, moisturize. Until your face normalizes and you feel good. Then do 2.5% BP.

The moisturizer front is a little tricky. Eucerin is absolutely my recommendation. However, ANYTHING with AHA is not recommended at the very beginning of the regimen. The lactic acid or other alpha hydroxy acids could lead to stinging. So just about anything else not fitting these criteria should help you for the first week or two. Then you can kick off full swing with The Regimen as described on the homepage.

Good luck!

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My face fell off, but I loaded up on a really intensive moisturizer that I hadn't been using because it was packed with oil.

After all the flakes peeled away, I had a pretty decent sized breakout, but I plopped on this designer Acne Med called Mario Badescu (some pretty harsh chemicals), and voila, my face is 75% clearer. I'm going to continue with the Badescu, which is more of a "spot" acne med, until it runs out, then I'm going to start lightly on the regimen, and hopefully by Christmas I'll be 100% clear.

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ooooo, the exact same thing just happened to me, and im SO glad to see that you had the same thing and overcame it. iv been cowering in the house for 2 days now and i know how you felt, glad things seem to be looking up for you!! biggrin.gif

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