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The Psychological Horrors of Acne

Hello. I am a seventeen year old male who has been constantly suffering with acne since the age of fourteen. At the beginning of my journey of acne, it started off pretty much one to three pimples which would sprout randomly across my face; maybe one on my forehead, one on my cheek and one on my chin. They generally would disappear after a few days to a week. It remained like this until I turned fifth-teen, going on sixteen - during this period, it had worsened but was more so small but vast skin-coloured bumps on my cheek. My mother recommended me to use a salicylic acid wash to clear it up, which it did.

The elusive horror began when I turned sixteen. I would constantly break-out in white heads, and occasionally I would get a cyst on my chin. I sought-out makeup to cover the 'mess' and to help me feel more confident. It remained like this until I started researching more on skincare and educating my self thoroughly on acne, and I managed to stop these breakouts. Regretfully, I went to the doctors to be prescribed anti-biotics so I could maybe stop these pimples from occurring for a few months whilst the hyper-pigmentation marks cleared up - which was a bad choice. I broke out horribly on my cheeks consistently during my five months of taking it - in conjunction with Duac which effectively helped to 'clear' a breakout, but I was sensitive to it so it had 'burnt' my skin and darkened the area where I applied it. At this point, my skin looked horrific and made me severely insecure; I could not stop obsessing over my skin and looking at my self in the mirror. And doing that, ruined my self-esteem even more because it made me much more paranoid. I non-stop bought new skincare to find something which worked effectively but I always seemed to weirdly breakout, even to products which should not break me out. I thought it was maybe the makeup I was using, so I stopped using it for a month - this wasn't the answer and I kept breaking out. I changed my skincare routine to something much more basic and directed for acne - I kept breaking out. I did some research on whether diet had an effect on skin, and people said dairy, so I cut out my dairy completely and it did not work; I had also upped my water intake to three litres a day. I ate around 10g or less sugar per day, and I still kept breaking out. So I was basically stuck in a deep hole. 

During my early days of 17, I decided to give up on my dietary changes and eat everything, excluding dairy. But I ate a lot of sugary food and generally unhealthy, and my skin was still horrible. During the summer, my skin weirdly began clearing up for a few months, but BAM - I broke out severely to a moisturiser. My main problem is that when I get pimples, I can clear the active pimple (I get around 2-4 at a time) and they will go for one to two weeks, but then more spawn. And the hyper-pigmentation marks build up more and more and it makes it harder for me to mentally cope with it. For the past week, I've cut my sugar down to 5g per day and I'm hoping that this works unlike how it previously did, but I'm basically just grasping for anything at this point. Does anyone have any recommendations? 

My current skincare routine:

Cleansing with a gentle cleanser by Origins (I switched cleansers last week so I'm hoping this works great). If I wear makeup, I remove it with the Clarins Pure Melt.
I use the Origins Original Skin serum (Which I also started last week so I'm hoping its great)
I moisturise my skin with the Fresh Rose Hydration Cream thingy at night, and the Origins Original Skin matte moisturiser (which I, again, started using last week) in the morning.
I use the Clinique rich eye cream (I have very dry under-eyes)
For when I get a pimple, I use the Mario Badescu Drying Lotion. But I might switch to the Kate Somerville version!
I exfoliate my face using the nip+fab extreme pad thingys. 

Skin type: Normal, Oily in t-zone (so basically combination) 


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