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will my acne go away?

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hey guys! i'm currently 15 years old. i've had mild acne here and there (with a couple more severe breakouts that lasted about a month each usually) ever since i hit puberty, but early last year, i started breaking out on my forehead a lot and it hasn't been anywhere close to clear since. the acne spread over to my shoulders, back & chest as well over the last couple months. i've got some hyperpigmentation (i suppose? it's just small spots a couple shades darker than my own skin where some of my worst acne was). i've been to a dermatologist about my acne twice before (once when i was 11, once when i was 13), was prescribed some spot treatments that didn't do anything & the acne just went away on its own over the course of a couple weeks. however, the acne i've got now doesn't seem to be going away. i eat quite healthy and have adopted vegan diet about three months ago, and i wash my face every day, so that's not the problem (though i have got bangs, for what it's worth. that wouldn't explain the shoulder acne, though-- my hair doesn't even reach my shoulders). it's not cystic (afaik), i suspect it's just teenage hormones, but i'm scared it might never go away. thoughts?IMG_8368.JPGIMG_8371.JPG
^the acne on my shoulders

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I'm 22 coming 23 and have worse acne than I did in my teenage years. 

There is no definitive answer. Once you reach a certain again acne will most likely decrease in severity I.e. the type of acne you get in your late 20s and 30s will be less severe than your teenage years.  That's if it stays around that late. A lot of people grow out of it in their early 20s.

Some people are still struggling in their 50s but obviously not to the same extent. 

My forehead looks 10x worse than yours, and my cheeks etc are the same. Age doesn't define much. Good luck 

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You got 15 years old, so most people have acne around this age.

So, yeah don't worry there are great chances it's just the normal acne period everybody go through...

But it's good you treat it now..

Still, your skin looks completely fine. If it stays like that, those will completely disappear and you'll end up with a completely smooth skin.

Just, don't touch it, and if one day you really can't stand having spots for a special occasion or something , you'd better put a little bit of make up on some areas that concerns you,  than popping it (sounds funny, but it helped me many times)...

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Read my post called Acne Regimen Explained. I wrote it today. Start with Charcoal masks. Buy a light therapy mask. Do both blue and red every day. And go online and buy Exfol A from a company called Vivant. Be careful with the Exfol A. Read the Vivant website and make sure you are following their instructions.

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Don't worry darling, it's pretty normal to have acne when you're a teen. When i was 10/11 my forehead was just like yours, but then i start using benozyl peroxide, and WOAH, it took me like a year but all the pimples clear up, you have to be constant though . Nowdays i'm 16, and my forehead it's clean. Also you should moisturize your skin, i used to think that if i put moisturizer on mine it would get worse. 'Cause in my mind was like "oily face + some moisturizer = Total disaster" but hell no, it helped soOooO much (also rose water). 
Don't lose hope honey!

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