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Well is blotchy skin AROUND pimples normal ?

like it surrounds the pimple is this normal ? darker then normal skin tone ofcours

is this normal ? because i have blotchy skin AROUND my acne

thank you in advance.

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Yeah, I would say it's pretty much normal. If you've had acne for more than a few years, and if most of your face has been affected by it at one time or another (which is the case for most of us lifelong acne veterans), it's not unexpected for areas around the active lesions to be "splotchier" in appearance, either darker or slightly flakier than the unaffected areas of your face, let's say, for instance, your neck. Keep in mind that the infection is not just restricted to the "spot" itself (i.e. the inflamed glands cover a wider area beneath the skin than simply below the painful protrusion or cyst), and may manifest itself in the healing process as darker, discoloured patches. Each person's physiology is slightly different, so I can't speak for everyone, but in my experience, I've found that it's nothing to worry about.

Another possibility is that the "splotchiness" is just residual scar tissue from previous breakouts, which often takes on a more pronounced appearance during newer breakouts. This is also common.

In either case, the darker patches will fade with time. I recommend (if it's available in your area) Oxy5 Vanishing Lotion with 2.5% BP, which in my case has helped vastly in rectifying upwards of thirteen years' worth of acne-related damage. Clean and Clear Blackhead Clearing Scrub is also helpful.

Good luck. wink.gif

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biggrin.gif i have C&C BLackhead Scrub been using it for like 2 weeks i dont see a differnce i dont think might be getting better at like 5% which to MY eye is invisible thanks but biggrin.gif
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