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Red mark that won’t go away.

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On my cheek I noticed there was the slightest bump so I tried messing with it even tho nothing came out ever. The bump couldn’t be seen unless you like went really close to the mirror and moved the skin. But I thought maybe it was a pimple forming with no head yet and it would come out so I messed with it more but I noticed time passed and nothing came out so I let it be but now I just have this red thing on my cheek that won’t go away. The pimple never formed a head and it doesn’t hurt it just feels a bit different from the surrounding skin like tender. Any tips on what can help the redness or heal it. I feel maybe with my long nails I injured my skin..? Or could it be something else. 




Also it’s been about 2 weeks 

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Hi there I do not believe this is a scar after 2 weeks, ... It may turn into one but time will tell. The body is very slow (sometimes months to a year) at healing post acne. This is PIE or wounding. The natural route is honey and aloe, or triple antibiotic.  

You can follow the PIE treatments below if that does not work and heal over time. Look at the skin seciton in the FAQ - PIE. Vascular laser is most effective but expensive. Hydrosortisone is a OTC steroid but do not use it over 3 weeks as it can thin skin.  I would see a dermatologist if it bugs you for a stronger topical. 


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