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12 minutes ago, acne babe said:


You need to bring inflammation down ASAP. Take aspirin twice a day for one week and monitor.

If inflammation goes down, I suggest you start taking serrapeptase, which is also very good for controlling inflammation. It also prevents scar formation.


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Have you ever tried essential oils ? If your skin is not too sensitive, you can add a drop of lavender essential oil into your hydrating/moiturizing cream. It's very mild and stop the inflamation, reduces the pimples size and the overall redness, plus it prevents the skin from scarring. 
I have many allergies and my skin is so sensitive it can handle almost nothing but I love this essential oil, even for the cysts. Be aware tho to always mix a drop or two to your daily cream, and not pure on the skin. 
Try to avoid inflamatory food and sleep the maximum possible (that what works the best to calm down inflammation and for the skin and body to repair itself)
Concerning oily skin, make sure your skin isn't oily because it dehydrated. 
My skin was super oily and when I choose right hydrating cream, it regulated itself. Often oily skin means dehydrated so maybe... 
Also what regulated my sebum was actually vitamin D supplement.  
Have you tried to think of that ? 

Also : if your hair touch your face, make sure it isn't your shampoo or products you use on your hair that irritate your skin and clog your pores, hence give acne. 

I hope that helps :) 

Edit : if your wounds are open, don't put essential oil on it ! I didn't know your were a compulsive picker. 
Just wash your face with water, be gentle as much as you can, don't put make up on, let your skin rest and take anti-inflamatory from the inside. 

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No essential oils, that will inflame her skin. They are solvents, even with a carrier.
Stop the serum you could be allergic to some ingredient. 
She has raw skin and without testing I cannot tell if it's rosecea, dermatitus, PIE or wounding post acne, etc. 

I think it's PIE or post acne wounding. Vascular laser is most effective for this. Please go see a derm and they will prescribe a steriod if you wish. Honey and aloe are the natural route to heal and triple antibiotic is another way to spot treat but in your case I do not recommend it as it's spread across you whole cheek. For more treatments for PIE see the below FAQ Link and goto the skin section and PIE. Healing post acne can take a year for many.

Again please go see a dermatologist!!

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