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Many people that had acne before and are clear now are quite anoying...

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I just wanted to address the fact that a lot of people having a clear skin (not all) , and giving advices about "confidence, and self esteem" don't realize that they are funny people.
I'll tell you how I realized it :A few years back,  I had very bad breakouts, which really depressed me. Eventually, I got clear and felt amazing for a while.

This positive period made me realize how, as humans, we naturally forget our past situations (even if we think we don't) and start to fool ourselves into sentences such as "I accept myself now", "I wasn't confident, while now I am because I grew as a person". And we even tell sentences like "it made me who I am today.." etc.
So, as a person that "grew up" I started giving advices to depressed people on the internet about the fact that they have to "accept themselves" which at the moment seemed to me like a thing you simply "achieve". (So simple bro, just do it)
Unfortunately, a few weeks later, I had the most horrible breakout (which scarred me for life)
...guess what? I didn't give any advice to others , and became the same, unconfident, depressed man.
A man that realized that he did care about what people thought of him, even though he didn't realize it before, as he felt so good in its own body.

Look at the relationship of people with teenagers a few years younger than them : they don't understand them. However, they behave the exact same way a few months ago.
It shows that, if life doesn't remind us something several times, we tend to forget it.

So what I want to say is : I will listen to a guy that explains to me that he built a real self confidence, WHEN HE HAD ACNE. That's something worth listening because it means he went over his physical appearance and did show a lot of strenght (you'll see it's very rare).

But this experience humbled me so much and I find it honnestly funny and ridiculous when (i repeat that it's not the case for anybody) people having clear skin give completely vague tips about self confidence, not realizing many of them  are the same unstable people, and ignore the fact that they probably would fall in the same hole if god decided to strike them again.

So, my tip is : be humble, and show empathy when you don't physically live something.

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I like this and I agree. I too have seen the "clear days" and thought wow I feel great I've built up my self confidence again, I've won!" Lol nope. I find myself exactly in the same place I was 5 years ago struggling with bad skin and hiding away. When you're in it you're in it and when youre out you simply forget. Oh well. Maybe clear days will come again. 

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I completely agree. At this point I have began to try to accept my life may never be the same. I still could try accutane, but I am not sure yet. As summer approaches I find myself incredibly stricken with anxiety. I think at this point it would be best to find friends (online and IRL) that have acne and bond with them. I came on here hoping to find an ‘acne buddy’ group thing in my city but haven’t found anything thus far. 

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