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Lately I have been feeling more tired than usual which is really bothering me as I have energy for nothing. I have read that my iron levels can be low and that might help. However I am not going to add a supplement to my diet that could in some way worsen my acne. I don’t think it’s worth it.

I searched around on this forum to dine and information about it and if it could potentially cause acne but didn’t find a lot so I decided to make my own topic about it.

My question is very simple: has anyone ever broke out when taking iron supplement or have any reliable studies that states it’s safe to use?

please share your personal experience :)


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You should really get a blood test :) Could be literally anything and wouldn't be worth supplementing something you have enough of already.

I take a gentle liquid iron, folic acid and B12 supplement and haven't broken out from them worse than usual.

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You can get a blood test for iron and B12, which are the two most likely to cause tiredness. I use Thriva, which is a great website and the results are beautifully presented and checked by a doctor to comment on (if not within the healthy limits)! If you use this link you can get 50% of your test :) [Removed link]

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