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Should I see a derm? Lingering bump under surface of skin.

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My acne has been in remission for the past few weeks (credit to tretinoin), but earlier this year, I experienced an ungodly eruption of stress acne around my chin (new job). At some point during that breakout, I developed a reletively deep, hard bump below the corner of my mouth. If I recall correctly, it began somewhat red/tender, but the color and pain dissipated soon thereafter, leaving a hard lump of something under the skin's surface that's now nearly invisible.

Problem is, I believe it's nearing five months since this thing emerged, and it doesn't appear to be shrinking in the slightest. It's been easy to ignore, since it doesn't hurt or catch the eye, but I'm beginning to worry it won't heal without some sort of intervention. On the other hand, I feel silly making an appointment with a derm for something like this. Any thoughts?

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2 hours ago, ShowyFunction said:

have you treated it and if so, what have you used for it?

When it first emerged, I probably hit it with benzoyl peroxide/clindamycin. Since then, I've pretty much left it alone, although I apply tretinoin to the whole region every other day, so it gets hit with that fairly often.
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