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quitting conditioner almost completely cleared my acne

Hey everyone, 
I'm a 24F and I've had acne since I was 11. It recently almost completely cleared up when I quit using conditioner in my hair. My acne was really bad when I was a teenager, I lived in a very warm, humid climate back then. But I've been using conditioner in my hair since I was 10 and never realized that silicones don't actually leave your hair despite the fact that you're rinsing the conditioner out. I still get small breakouts of I eat too much junk for a few days or if I drink heavily (5 drinks or more in one occasion).  however,  the breakouts I do get are nowhere NEAR as bad as they were when I used conditioner. I try to be as vegan as possible and to try to have no more than 1 sugary soda a day, and I wash my face once or twice a day. And my skin is almost perfectly clear. So I'm not saying conditioner is the culprit for everyone because that's obviously not true, but for me it was life changing to quit using it. I never believed that could be the solution despite other people having suggested it before.  Oh by the way, my acne was probably moderate for the past 6 years. I did have acne when I was younger though, and I also have mild or moderate acne scarring, but people don't notice it if they look at me 'normally.' I did have like 1-4 large whiteheads pretty much all the time, the type which was too large to be concealed with makeup. 

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