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Painful acne- at my wits end!!!

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Going to be a long post but in desperate need of some advice!!

in the past I have suffered from what I have assumed as a few cystic pimples that would come and go. 

Recentley I seem to constantly have atleast one or two extremely painful spots on my chin and around my mouth and nose. As soon as one goes, another one appears, they are very sore and usually last at least a week, they are like a hard lump under my skin, red, and never come to a head. 

My chin and mouth area is littered with red spots/ scars and painful lumps and nothing I do seems to help. 
At the moment I have a very painful one on my upper lip line, which is painful and unsightly, along with another on the crease of my chin underneath my lip. 
I honestly feel at a loss of what to do. 

For or some more info I suffer from very oily skin. Not sure if this could be hormonal or not as I’m an 18 year old female.

i really need some advice on what I should do, do you think this requires a trip to the doctors? Anything I could do at home that has worked for other. Very great duo for any help! 31D13CC4-4335-4368-92F7-904B8C1E3E3C.jpeg

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Because the spots are causing you pain and discomfort you would definitely need to tell a doctor about this and they may even arrange for you to meet a dermatologist who would give effective treatment for this issue
i have had red spots that dont come to a head, tea tree oil helped flatten them and eventually they would flake off so maybe try that?
Definitely speak with a doctor about this though

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