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Accutane daily dosage help?

I’d really appreciate professional and personal opinion on daily dosage of accutane.

I weigh 70kg (male) and have taken 20mg daily for 2 weeks and 40mg daily for 10 weeks. From severe acne, my skin has completely cleared apart from scarring and haven’t had a cyst in at least 2 weeks. Is there any need to increase dosage if it’s working?

I asked my derm to go on 60mg (to complete the cumulative dosage quicker) which they said was fine but am now concerned about worsening side effects and breakouts, although I appreciate that I’m on the lower end of dosage at the moment.

I had a terrible IB in the first few weeks and really don’t want it to repeat. I currently get dry lips, eyes and skin. I have also suffered from the odd headache and joint aches but unsure if I can attribute these to the meds or external factors.

So, is staying on 40mg daily acceptable in terms of remission and overall success? I’m aware of the recommended 120-150mg cumulative dosage, which would mean I would be taking it for longer than usual, but the dosage and length of course appears to be debated a lot. I’m happy to be on a longer course of say, 9 months if this is normal and can keep side effects and breakouts at bay.

I appreciate the dosage and effects vary so much between each person but it would be great to get some help from you guys.

Thank you in advance (if you made it to the end!)

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