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Acne hopefully

Hi the top picture is a spot on the back of my thigh and the other is from the side of my hip. Both are hard for me to get a look at so i took pictures. They both seemed to start off like a pimple thats starting. Basically seemingly to appear overnight but im not sure. But being able to feel them i tried popping and picking at them. Both happening close to the same time. Now this is whats worrying me the one on the back of my thigh(top picture) is sore to the touch and has had a burning sensation, even bother me when my cloths rub on it. The other worries me because after taking a picture i noticed a few spots around it. I did squeeze the hell out of it and its hard to tell but it bruised around it. It also bleed from 2 pores that were close to the spot but upon taking the picture i noticed 4. I did have a new sexual partner around fall of last year, it was a one time thing. I havent noticed anything around my genitals or anything. I did have a sore patch of skin one time that went in a day or 2 but that was probably from me having fun lol. Not sure how else to put that. I was just hoping someone with more knowledge maybe has a good idea of if its infected skin after a pimple or is this something i should serious get it checked out. I have had a spot on my chest and on my knee that were kinda the same deal and i have been bitten by spiders in my house before. So its just hard to put my finger on exactly what it is. The burning of the one with the one on my chest made me decide to find answers.

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